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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

All today I thought it was Monday, probably because yesterday morning was spent at Instacare with Bubba instead of at home cleaning my house and doing laundry, which had to then happen today.

Hannah was the first to get sick last Sunday, Samantha started running a fever on Thursday, and then Saturday night Bubba joined in the party with a fever of his own. I took Samantha to Instacare on Sunday only to be told I had waited too long and she was at the end of it, but if she had asthma then there would be a problem. So we took Hunter in Monday morning because he does have asthma and I didn't want him to get worse and end up in the hospital.

Hannah is now feeling better and back at school, but the older two are still trying to recover, the doctor told us it usually lasts seven days. No Fun!! I am just hoping Rob and I don't get sick, so far we are holding out strong.

So because of all those wonderful excuses I am just now posting my Pinterest project for the week. This week I made something from my "In The Crockpot" board. 

It was just the perfect meal for a family full of sick kids and parents who are trying really hard to stay healthy.


Emily from Is This Really My Life posted a recipe for Chicken Taco Soup a few weeks ago and I pinned it immediately  I usually make a crockpot meal every Tuesday, but had planned this one for Monday because the girls had a dance recital with a rehearsal earlier in the day, which left us a very small window to eat dinner in.

I threw this all in the crockpot in between returning from the doctor's office, and running to Walmart to pick up Bubba's prescription. By dinner we had a delicious home cooked meal with very little prep left to do before we were eating.

The kids ate theirs with just cheese and tortilla chips, but Rob and I added some sour cream, tomatoes, and avocados.

It also made delicious leftovers for lunch today, which is a huge plus because I don't normally like leftovers.

I have never made a tortilla or taco soup before and I loved how easy this one was and we really loved how good it tasted.

We will be making this one again, thanks Emily!!

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