January 12 of 12

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Today I spent two hours on the phone with an HP tech in India, I could barely understand her, but somehow in the course of our conversation my computer started working again. I am thrilled but it still might need to be sent in for repairs and I will be without it again, but right now I am enjoying my working computer!!

Saturday was the 12th, and my first chance to complete a 12 of 12 project. Hannah was still recovering from being sick all week, and Samantha had a fever on Thursday that has not gone away. The doctor said Samantha is almost over the fever but Hunter's started Saturday night. Not the most exciting day at our house, and I think we are in for another long week.

1. Hannah finally feeling better.
2. Samantha still sick, poor thing!!
3. Herbal tea to help Samantha's throat.
4. The only thing keeping me sane, getting up and ready for the day even though I am not going anywhere.
5. Getting ready to go skiing at Sundance
6. Beautiful day for skiing with lots of fresh powder.
7. Watching Animaniacs with the girls, one of my favorite shows as a kid.
8. Finally finished our 1000 piece Lake Powell puzzle.
9. Hannah's current favorite game, The Game of Life
10. Hannah trying to comfort her sick sister.
11. Snuggling with Rob watching the Broncos game, so sad they lost.
12. Everyone curled up on my bed, Hunter now has a fever.

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