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Thursday, December 6, 2012

A few years ago I saw the prettiest glitter ornaments made with Stampin' UP! ink and glitter. Sadly they would have cost me quite a bit of money so I never made them. The only problem was I couldn't get those ornaments out of my head. Thankfully Pinterest came along and I did a quick search for Glitter ornaments and was thrilled to find different instructions using floor polish and glitter.

Easy enough, and very affordable.

The original directions can be found at Plum Adorable.

Glass Ornaments 50% off from Hobby Lobby (2 boxes) - 3.99
Glitter (used a 50% off coupon) - 4.99
Pledge Floor Car Polish - 6.50

We found it takes a lot of glitter. I ended up using half of a big bottle of Martha Stewart glitter to make 24 round ornaments and four of the kids light bulb ornaments.

Also the dark colors of glitter covered a lot better than the lighter colors.

They are so pretty, I LOVE them, and I only broke one!!

Thankfully there is enough floor polish and glitter left to make a few more if needed, especially because the cat won't stop playing with them and has already broke one in only three days.

I also found these ornaments when I went into Hobby Lobby to get the round ornaments and I couldn't pass them up. I knew they would be so cute glittered for the kids tree, and they were 50% off so I bought the 8 boxes they had.

I found a Christmas package of Martha Stewart Glitter with 8 colors and then dug a few other colors out of my box from a Halloween package of glitter I bought a couple months ago. The colors were beautiful and they turned out even better then I imagined.

It was a messy but fun project and we couldn't be happier with our new glitter ornaments.

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  1. They turned out awesome, I would totally do this if I was back home.