Dear Willow Tree

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I am sorry for all the times I complained about your branches scattering my back yard after a windy day. You really were a good tree and provided the best shade for those hot summer days. I am sorry I didn't tell you more often how wonderful you were, maybe if I had you would have had the strength to withstand all the snow that fell on Friday.

Instead at 11:30 pm you buckled under the weight of the wet heavy snow and split into three pieces.

After a lot of work to get you off of the fence and our trampoline you now lay in many pieces in the backyard waiting to be hauled away.

We already miss you, there is a large empty space in our back yard where you used to stand.

I am sorry it had to end this way!!



  1. Woah, what kind of wind storm was that?! Haha can't say I've ever seen a tribute to a tree, but it's thoughtful :) It sucks losing something (even if it's just a trampoline or tree). Hope the weather is better over there!

  2. aww, how sad :( i hate when trees fall or are cut down... at least no one was hurt, though! wow. look at all that wood! do you have a fireplace? that would certainly be handy!

    where are you located that you have snow? we are so far north (maine!) but no snow yet!

    xox, amber

  3. Willow trees are one of my favorite things. Sad.