Brigham City Temple Open House

Monday, September 3, 2012

We were living in Kansas when the prophet announced they would be building a temple in Brigham City, Utah; at the same time they also announced the Kansas City, Missouri temple and I was very excited to take the kids to the open house. Sadly we moved before it was completed, but thankfully we moved to Utah and were able to attend the open house for the Brigham City temple, which looks exactly like the Kansas City temple so it is almost as good as being there.

We went on Saturday, and Labor day weekend so it was crazy busy but the kids were so great waiting in line and being reverent and respectful when we walked through. They were amazed with the beauty of it all and I loved walking through each room and explaining the purpose of each.

When we walked into the Celestial room Hannah's eyes got really big and she said "Wow, this is my dream house". I hope they can remember the feelings of being in the temple, it may not have been dedicated yet, but there was a very special spirit present.

We are looking forward to the completion of the second Provo temple and the Payson temple, it will be so nice to have 2 more temples in Utah County. Plus their completion date is the same year Samantha turns 12, she has been talking about how excited she is to be old enough to do baptisms, plus everyone will be old enough to attend the dedication.

I love that we have so many temples here in Utah, I want nothing more than for my kids to love the temple and all the blessings it brings as much as I do.

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