The Diving Board

Monday, July 23, 2012

Thursday was our last day of swim lessons for the year, hollah!! On the last day of swim lessons the kids are able to jump off the diving board, something Hunter and Samantha look forward to.

My little Hannah climbed up on the diving board, it was her first time, so I headed over to give her some encouragement. She was scared and didn't want to do it, I tried to cheer her on from the edge, but she was not going off that diving board.

When Hannah doesn't want to do something there is no forcing her, girlfriend can hold a grudge if you try to force her into something and then she won't speak to you for a long time. We have learned there are somethings we don't fight and just know when she decides to do it there is no stopping her either.

She started to sit down on the board gripping the sides for dear life, I was going to have her climb back down the stairs. But before I could even try another instructor came up behind her, pulled her hands off the board, and then shoved her in.

I was horrified, her instructor helped her to the side and she was screaming the entire time, she climbed out of the water and told me she never wanted to go back.

I am trying not to blame the instructor, I am sure he thought he was helping, but I am worried every step we have made to her actually swimming under water have been lost.

I am giving her a week to calm down and then we will head to the pool again.
Cross your fingers for us, we are going to need it.

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