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Sunday, June 24, 2012

I have felt very blessed this week, it was crazy, busy, packed with fun, and just what I needed to pull me out of the slump I have been in. Of course I had my phone and instagram along for the ride.

We have spent a lot of time at the pool, the kids started swim lessons this week and I get to spend some time reading or playing online. This has taken up a lot of our mornings.

Tuesday we spent the afternoon with my friend and her kids who live in Alaska. I sure do miss her, but I was thankful for the time we did get to spend together. It didn't take long for our kids to get reacquainted and have a ball together so we could enjoy some time to catch up.

We are almost to the end of ball season, Tuesday we had overlapping games so I took Hunter to Tball and Rob took Samantha to Softball. We made it to the tail end of Sams game and I was able to see her bat, she still hasn't hit but was walked this time.

Wednesday I met my Mom and all my siblings at the zoo, we went last summer and decided to make it our tradition every year. We loved the new polar bear exhibit and it was awesome to all be together.

My Mom came back to stay at my house so she could watch the kids ball games. We stopped at the Wood Connection to pick up a project for Thursday afternoon. I love when my Mom comes because I have someone to do projects with.

Friday I decided to give Daisey a good shave, it was going to be HOT and she is still trying to shed her winter coat. She is such a good dog and sat still the entire time. She look so much better and I am sure she felt better.

We decided to take the kids to Seven Peaks that afternoon. Rob took the older two on the slides while Hannah and I hung out at the kids pool. It was crazy busy but the kids still had fun.

Rob and I had been passing each other all week, he was busy with work and I was running around with the kids, we decided we needed a dinner all to ourselves.

Saturday Rob hiked Timp and I stayed home and accomplished a huge "to do" list before the start of another busy week.

Today we have relaxed, Church was amazing and I can't wait to dive into this talk that was mentioned in Sacrament meeting a bit more this week.
We are also loving the Olympic Trials, so excited for July!!

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