Friday, June 15, 2012

We have been spending a lot of time at the ball fields this summer between T-ball, Rob's Softball, and Samantha's softball games. This is the first year Samantha is playing normal softball and she has struggled with hitting, something she has always been good at in the past.

She is intimidated with the girls pitching to her this year instead of coaches in years past. We have gone to the batting clinics on Saturdays and she does great, we have also visited the batting cages and she hits just fine, but when she gets up to bat in a game she freezes up.

Tuesday night after the game I was talking to her and telling her she just needed to swing, it would be so much better to strike out swinging than just standing there and letting them go by. I was trying to motivate her and encourage her to try when she informed me:

"Mom it is just softball, it doesn't matter."

I was floored, and told her if it didn't matter than I wouldn't be paying for it next year, which made her very upset. She loves the game and I know she doesn't like that she isn't hitting, but it is frustrating that she won't push herself over her fears.

I asked Rob this morning on our usual drive to work how I could spark a passion in her, how could I teach her that working hard for something is a good thing, and how we could get her over this fear.

There was something about it that was bugging me and the more I thought about it I realized I was the exact same way.

In school things generally came easy for me, I could catch on pretty quickly and if I didn't then no big deal. I always got good grades but I know if I would have pushed myself I could have had straight A's.

I worked hard when it came to drill team, but even that I found came pretty easy, again if I would have pushed myself a little bit more I might have even danced in college.

The more I thought the more I realized I needed to be the example, I needed to push myself more, practice so I would improve, and continue to learn so she will have the example to follow.

I thought about the areas I wanted to improve in, my passions I wanted to develop.

1. Photography - I have gone back and forth on this thinking I would become a professional and then deciding against it. I don't want to be a professional now because I want to focus my energy on my family, but I want to develop this passion of mine into something great for me. I want to capture the wonderful memories of my children and all the fun we had. I have a few favorite Mommy Photographers who do just that and I want to be just like them.

2. Blogging - I have had a few different blogs and I get frustrated that it isn't perfect and I give it up, but then something draws me back in and I start a new one. I just need to do it, keep practicing and writing, and let it develop into something great. Just like me it is a work in progress.

3. Food - I love to cook, I have a small obsession with food, and I can cook almost anything. I struggle a bit with menu planning so we eat a lot of the same things, ane choosing sides to go with our meals is a challenge. I am determined to change this Also I love making sugar cookies but I am not so great at frosting them, I bet with a little practice I could get better.

4. Mom - Last but certainly not least I am a Mom and I want to be a great Mom. While I don't think I will be the crafty over the top Mom I do want to be the very best Mom I can be. My goal is to make sure my kids know I love them, they were important to me, I loved spending time with them, and I wouldn't give up being a stay at home Mom for anything.

I hope if I can be a positive example for my kids they will then push themselves to be the best they can be in their passions. And most of all to teach them that we can do hard things, and not to let the fear of failing motivate them more than their desire to succeed!!

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