May Randomness

Thursday, May 31, 2012

It has been a bit of an adjustment to move into our new house, the girls had to leave their friends behind in the old neighborhood, and while we plan on having them over it isn't as easy as it used to be. Hunter on the other hand moved closer to his friend and was having a playdate, the girls were a little bummed so we decided to make cookies to cheer them up. It must have worked because Hannah started being silly and posing for the camera.

We drive by this little farm all the time and the last time we drove by we noticed there were new baby goats. Hannah and I decided to go check them out while we were waiting for Hunter to get out of school. The minute we got out of the car the animals rushed over to the fence, they are used to everyone stopping and feeding them.

PS. It was to windy and the baby goats were hunkering down with their mama so no pictures :(.

We are so happy to be in a house with a backyard, this also means we got to finally bring Daisey back home with us. Hunter is always outside rolling around with her and throwing sticks for her. I looked out the window one day and saw them laying down in the grass together, he sure does love his puppy!!

My picture from Mother's day, I sure am lucky to be the Mom to these cute kids!!

I made these cookies for Rob, he loves Chocolate Chip Cookies but I am not a huge fan. These however were pretty good and I wouldn't mind making them again.

Hannah and I had a "Hannah Party" the day before preschool graduation, it was our last day of just her and me for the year. She got to choose and wanted to dance, go to the park, and get a treat. While we were at the park she found a Purple Lightsaber and carried it around the entire time. She was sad to leave it behind but wanted the owner to be able to find their toy when they came looking.

I always find myself at the end of the month with a few pictures that don't really fit in anywhere so maybe I will just start doing a random update every month.

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