St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Samantha came home from school the Thursday before St. Patrick's day and told me all about the leprechaun that had visited their class. When they came back to their class desks had been turned over and the room was a mess, they searched the class room and found some chocolate coins. Her teacher told her if they caught a leprechaun he would have to give them his gold so they would let him go.

Samantha was determined to build a trap and catch a leprechaun so they had Rob help them.

I decided it would be fun to leave a few gold dollars with their other St. Patrick's goodies thinking they would love that even though they didn't catch the "Leprechaun" he still left them a bit of gold.

They were so excited to see the trap had been sprung while they were asleep, and they were excited for every thing when they first opened it.

And then Samantha inspected the coins and found they were only worth a dollar and she got really upset. She was determined she would wake up and be $1,000 richer, don't we all wish.

Rob ended up pulling her aside and had to break the news there was no such thing as Leprechauns and that Mom and Dad had done all of this to try and make it fun for them.

Hannah reminded me The Leprechaun also forgot to dye the milk green so Dad distracted her and I convinced her she just had to shake it to activate the magic. It worked and she was happy.

So the morning was slightly ruined and I couldn't muster up any more excitement to do pictures. Rob thankfully told Samantha to watch the other 2 while we went to pick up my bountiful basket and had a breakfast date.

When we got back home Samantha told us Leprechauns really do exist and we decided to just leave it alone. Her attitude was changed and that was really all that mattered.

Sunday we made Corned Beef and cabbage, we also made a really good ice cream cake and Rob and I have already used what we learned to plan my birthday cake, it is going to be awesome!!

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