Samantha's 1st Ski Trip

Friday, February 3, 2012

Samantha kicked off her birthday weekend with a trip to Sundance to go skiing. She has been asking for a while to go and Rob decided to surprise her for her birthday. I thought we should get her some lessons but Rob wanted teach her himself. Samantha was a natural, it wasn't long before she was tired of the little tow-rope hill and wanted to go on a real run.

They got on the lift and Rob told her she had to get off on the first stop, Rob jumped off and Samantha started to get off but got scared and ended up staying on the lift. Rob was able to get them to stop the lift so he could get back on and they got off on the next stop which was the beginning of the harder runs.

The trip down was not easy, she fell a bunch and started to get upset. When they finally made it to the first stop she was beyond frustrated. Rob was worried this was going to be a bad experience but Samantha was determined, she got back up and did so well skiing the rest of the way down.

Rob took her back to the tow for a few more times and then they tried the lift again. After that Rob couldn't  drag her off the mountain, she was loving it.

 She keeps asking when they can go back again and is determined to teach me how to ski so I can cross it off my bucket list. I really want to learn now and I am filled with visions of my cute little family spending a day on the mountain skiing together.

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