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Monday, February 13, 2012

Hunter asked if I would read him Harry Potter, I was pretty excited because Samantha didn't have any interest in reading them, I even tried bribing her but that didn't work. Rob still doesn't know how he feels about Hunter liking Harry Potter, but I love it and so does Hunter.

Hunter also had his 100th day of school, they sent a note home encouraging students to dress like they were 100. When I mentioned it to Hunter he said "you want me to dress like I am dead?". I tried to convince him that wasn't the case but he decided he didn't want to dress up.

There is a boy in school who has a crush on Samantha. I asked her if he was cute and she informed me he is gross because he picks his nose. And so it begins!!
(I was telling Rob all this and he said he didn't even want to think about Samantha and boys because pretty soon it would be out of control)

Samantha has been showing an interest in reading again and usually has a book close by, I can't tell you how happy this makes me. She brought home the Invention of Hugo Cabert and I was impressed with how big it was. She told me she only got it because there are lots of pictures so it is not too big.

We sat down to address the sidekicks Valentines, this year I decided to be super lazy and buy box Valentines. I let the sidekicks pick out whatever ones they wanted. Samantha picked out Monster High, no surprise there, Hunter picked out Transformers, and Hannah surprisingly enough picked out Tinker Bell, I thought for sure she would follow her sisters lead and choose Monster High.

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