Winter Dance Recital

Thursday, January 12, 2012

On Tuesday Samantha and Hannah had their winter dance recital.  They were both excited all day long to put on their costumes, but most of all they were so excited because they could wear makeup for their performance that night.

Hannah had a look of fear the entire time she was on stage, I think they told them to smile big and that was her best effort, I get the same look sometimes when I am trying to take pictures.  Despite the funny face she was still adorable and did all of her dance moves with lots of personality.

I was so proud of Samantha, she hardly watched the instructor, she did so awesome with her dance moves and performing, also her toes were pointed during her jumps (something we have been working on).  I hope she chooses to stick with dance because she is very talented.

I sure do love these cute girls!!

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