New Year's Eve 2011

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I have a confession, New Year's Eve is my least favorite holiday of the year, I don't usually stay up late and I really really love sleep.  Plus when everyone is already exhausted from all the Christmas celebrations keeping the sidekicks up till midnight (or later) never sounds fun.

I love a new year full of fresh possibilities, but I would rather wake up ready to conquer the year instead of spend the entire day wishing for a nap (or a nap for the very cranky sidekicks).

That being said my Sister in Law Katie threw a great party this year, we ate lots of yummy food, went out to shot some guns, played a few games, and spent time with Rob's family.  The kids all had a great time hanging out with their cousins, and there is always lots of laughs when we go to their house.


I don't have many pictures, I should have taken more but it is what it is.
Thanks Katie for the fun party!!

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