Fake Sledding

Thursday, December 29, 2011

We had big plans for winter break, well actually we only had one plan: lots and lots of sledding.  Unfortunately that is impossible without snow.  Southern Utah has had all the snow so we drove down to my parents house the day after Christmas and decided to find somewhere along the way to sled.  We stopped in Beaver only to find bare mountains, so we decided to try Cedar City because they have gotten the most snow.  When we got there we realized they didn't have anything either, but we figured a drive up  the mountain to look wouldn't hurt.  We ended up on a side road where others were trying to sled and Rob convinced me to pull him and Hunter behind the truck on the snow packed roads.

It didn't take long before Hannah wanted a ride as long as they could use the purple sled.

Pretty soon Samantha decided she also wanted a ride.

Unfortunately we quickly ran out of snow covered road, and had to call it quits.  We are all crossing our fingers for a giant snow storm so we can do some real sledding.

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