My First Attempt at Family Pictures

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Last year Rob surprised me with my new camera, one of the first things he said was "Now we never have to pay anyone to take our family pictures again, right?!?"  It sounds great in theory, but I am a perfectionist so I really struggled with the idea of me taking anything award winning to hang on our wall, I also didn't want to bring up the fact we would need a tripod, instead I agreed and gave him a big hug for being the greatest husband.

Last fall things were really crazy getting our house up for sale and moving so we didn't make it into a studio or even attempt to take our own, but I was determined to get them done this year.  So again being the greatest husband ever Rob took me shopping for a tripod and a remote shutter.  And just like that all my excuses to have someone else take our family pictures were gone.

Rob wanted to find some places in Blanding when we went with him for the elk hunt, we were slightly rushed trying to get them done and also try and do some hunting before the sun went down.  The pictures didn't turn out quite like I had hoped, but I tried to look at them and learn what to do better next time.

The top picture is two separate pictures, I did some research online and figured out how to do some head swapping to make one good picture.  This one will probably be on our Christmas card, and just might make it onto our wall.

Rob took a few of these, I do love a real life shot and this is me trying to get my kids to sit in the right spots.

This one was my favorite of the sidekicks, I need to do a bit of editing, and I wasn't thrilled with Hannah sticking her tongue out but at least it is a happy face and they are all doing normal smiles.

This is the other one that turned out pretty good, Hannah is kind of a bugger in the pictures and Hunter has this same painful smile in most of them, but we are going with whatever we can get.

We also have a bunch of silly face pictures to try and give them a break from "sit straight and pretty smiles".

I may have shed a few frustrated tears when I saw this picture.  I LOVED this spot, and we all are smiling but I didn't check the light on my face.  Every picture in this spot is the same, I made sure everyone looked great I jumped in the shot and snapped away not taking a minute to look at the picture to make sure I was in the right spot.  I really don't know if it can be fixed I need to do a lot of searching to see if it is possible.

But then I saw these pictures with Rob and I couldn't help but smile, Rob and I don't get many pictures together (which we need to change) so I was so happy these were good ones.

This one is my favorite of all the pictures we took, I sure do love my hubs!!

Thankfully my family is pretty willing to be my test subjects, and they are pretty easy to bribe, so I can take what I did learn and hopefully continue to get better.

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