Apple Picking

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The sidekicks and I decided it would be fun to spend the Thursday and Friday of UEA (Fall Break) at my sisters house, and lucky for all of us Grandma was able to come along (we missed you Katie!!).  We had planned on lots of crafts, making cookies and going to the pumpkin walk. When we arrived Wednesday evening my Brother in Law Matt asked if we wanted to go pick some apples, I was on board and thought the sidekicks would have a blast (which they did).

Matt had helped to landscape the yard, it was beautiful, and the apples were bigger than any I have ever picked off of apple trees.  Oh man did they taste good, we have a big box full in our garage and the sidekicks are always asking if they can have one for a snack, beats candy any day.  We filled up 2 huge buckets and a bunch of bags, I only wish they would last for a long time because they are some of the best apples we have eaten.

I of course was armed with my camera although it was getting dark so some kids are a bit blurry and these are a little bit grainy.
(Only 2 months until Christmas and maybe Santa will bring me my editing program and hopefully a new computer).

Every time I saw Aiden he had a different apple, I would ask him how many he had eaten and every time I got the same answer "three".

The view was amazing, it made me excited for when we have our own yard.  First thing on the landscaping list is planting a few banana apple trees.

So thank you Matt and Hydi for taking us along; and a big thanks to the very nice people who let my sidekicks pick their apples, sit by their warm fire, and run all around their path.  We all had the best time and are loving the apples!!

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