Sweats Day

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Today I stayed in my sweats for the entire day, I didn't shower, I didn't curl my hair, and I didn't put on any makeup.  I had imagined a day spent at home, only it didn't turn out that way.  In my state I made a trip to the store, Costco, the bank, and the Mall to buy a new pair of sweats (while in my sweats).

During my day of "relaxation" I also made dinner roll and cinnamon roll dough to freeze and be pulled out on Sundays for breakfast and dinner.  I washed 3 loads of bedding and made all 4 beds.  I also worked in the kitchen with Samantha because it was her night to cook.  At one point Hannah and I were finishing up the cinnamon rolls and Rob was helping Samantha assemble the surprise cheese burgers, it was madness but I actually enjoyed it.  Hunter even joined in later to "cut" the cinnamon rolls apart with dental floss.

We ended up cooking five of the cinnamon rolls to try them out, they were delicious and I am really hoping they turn out again on Sunday.  If they do I will be sure to let you in on my secrets.

(this one has a little extra frosting, Rob decided they needed more, and then later decided maybe they didn't)

As of now it is 8:00 p.m., my sidekicks are all in bed, and I am really thinking about joining them.
I am also thinking of making every Wednesday "Sweats Day" but maybe without the errands.

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