Lazy Days of Summer

Thursday, August 11, 2011

We have fallen into a very lazy routine around here, just about the time I was going to attempt to get us all back on track for school to start, my sidekicks have decided to start sleeping in.  I would like to think their little bodies are trying to recover from all the fun we have had this summer and gear up for school, but really I think we are just being lazy.  The only one not benefiting from this new routine is Rob, poor guy can't enjoy the last few lazy days of summer with us. Although if he could I am assuming they would not be so lazy anymore.
Rob comes home from work, we eat dinner, and then he asks if we want to go and explore (fill in the blank).  Monday night we loaded up to go check out Deer Creek, which only made us want a boat more than we already do, if that is possible.  We ended up driving around to the other side and stopped at the tracks to check it out.  We didn't stay for long because we were being eaten by mosquitoes, but long enough for a bit of fun Morris style.

Last night while I was at a meeting Rob decided he needed to take the kids to go check out Payson lakes, I came home to 3 tired kids who smelled horribly of fish.  I told him we would not be returning to swim, ICK!!

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