The 4th

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our 4th of July celebrations were a little low key, and although I dream of big celebrations, I was kinda OK with how it turned out.  Rob and Hunter decided Sunday to hike into a camping spot and come back Monday morning and so the girls and I decided we would adventure into Provo for the Freedom Festival parade.  We left Sunday, when the boys headed to the mountains, to go put a blanket out and save our spot.  You couldn't put blankets out until 3pm and we were in Provo at 3:45 only to find blankets and tents from one end of the parade route to the other.  Luckily we did manage to find a little spot to put our blanket and in the end it worked out perfect.  Rob's sister Annie ended up joining us that morning for the parade because her husband was marching with a band he plays in.  The parade was lots of fun and I think we will be going again, but maybe I will get there a bit earlier the day before to snag a spot!
After the boys returned home and the parade was over we had lunch at Cafe Rio, YUM, and took the sidekicks to see Cars 2 (not my favorite Disney/Pixar movie but it was OK).  Rob didn't get to put on his annual firework show, since the fireworks are A LOT more expensive here, but we did buy one and lit off a few others we had saved from last year.

I was so excited to learn a great trick for taking pictures of fireworks {HERE}, and the best part is there are plenty more opportunities for pictures this month.  Hunter is so excited we get to light off fireworks on his birthday, and there is still Pioneer day in a few weeks. 

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