Dear Rob

Saturday, July 23, 2011

It is now Saturday and we are all waiting very patiently for your arrival tonight, I hope you had fun and are not to sore from your 52 miles of hiking.  Here at home Hannah is currently curled up in our bed crying, she swears she isn't tired but I am thinking she is.  Stubborn little bug probably will fight it and be cranky all day.  I didn't make it out of bed this morning to take the kids to the parade, thankfully they are oblivious to missing anything since they do not even know there is an actual celebration for Pioneer Day (thank you Kansas).  As far as sleeping goes I didn't do too bad, I think my mind was so occupied with the house hunting stuff it didn't have time to worry about snakes, demons, or serial killers breaking into my house.  Although early this morning around 5 I heard a motorcycle, every time I hear one I think it might be you coming home, but this seemed strange to me hearing it so early.  For a minute I wondered if someone was going to break into the garage and steal yours so I quickly checked the door and it was locked.  I only worried because it sat idling outside for quite awhile and you know how my mind works.
We have had some fun while you were gone and thankfully the days have gone by quickly, I only hope today is the same.

We pulled out the slip n slide and swimming pool and the sidekicks played for hours.  They did manage to put a hole in the slip in slide but it was a pretty cheap thing to begin with.

That night after they were done playing with finally hit the snow cone shack and the fruit stand, the cherries and raspberries were delicious and we devoured them, especially Hannah who when snuggled up to me at night began to sound like a little motorboat.

Speaking of Hannah, the little bugger cut her hair again so on Thursday while out running errands we took her in to have it cut.  I know you like her long hair but I think this length is really cute on her and she can't chew on the back which saves the screaming when I am trying to brush it.

Friday we met Mistie and her kids at the dinosaur museum and then spent the rest of the day at their house so the kids could play.  They all had so much fun and cried when it was time to leave, Hannah didn't even make it to the main road before she was sound asleep in the back seat.  I of course enjoyed the adult conversation, I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends and cousins because your cousins married amazing women.  Next year when you all embark on your next big hike I am planning a big girls weekend.

Did I mention we miss you?  The sidekicks keep asking when you will be home and I keep telling them soon.  We haven't planned our adventure yet today but I think we will at least take in the firework show tonight, maybe you will be home in time to join us.

Love you!!

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