Sunday Dinner

Monday, June 27, 2011

It was Sunday, I was feeling lazy, and really didn't want to clean up a big dinner mess.  I decided to pull some leftover sloppy jo mix out of the freezer and convince Rob to drive to the mountains and heat it back up in a dutch oven.  I even threw in making peach cobbler for dessert, it really wasn't hard to convince him and we were off.  The sidekicks loved having a new place to roam and explore and Rob and I enjoyed some much needed relaxation.

Hannah changed from church clothes to pajamas, there was no changing her mind and I didn't even try.

Rob fixing up my toe, glass poked through my flip flop and sliced my toe good.
Note to Self: Flip Flops in the mountains is not the best idea.
On the positive side dinner was yummy (although the sidekicks didn't think so) and the cobbler was heaven!!  A picture perfect Sunday.

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