Weekly Peak ~ January 8th - 14th

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rob and I went out for our Saturday shooting date and brought Hunter along with us, the girls were off playing with their friends. It was so nice because the house was completely clean, including the floors mopped, before we left so we could just go and enjoy the afternoon together. Hunter and I decided we needed to stick together while we learn to shoot because Rob is good and kind of a show off, good thing we love him.

Sunday was one of those days, I just wasn't feeling it all day,  I was tired and felt like junk. I had planned on making dinner but never took a roast out to thaw and then just didn't want to cook. Rob was my hero and jumped right in to make chocolate chip pancakes and eggs.

Samantha wanted to take pictures of Daisey, she did a good job.

The beautiful sunset Sunday night.

On Tuesday I got my pictures and filled out my passport application, on Wednesday I dropped it off, and on Thursday Rob booked our flights to Paris. I am SO EXCITED, and can't believe it is finally happening.

Tuesday night was New Beginnings, the theme was Let Your Light Shine, and I was in love with the cute yellow dessert table. All of the leaders were given a value to speak on and then we would turn on our lamp for that value. I sure love Personal Progress, and Young Women's, and I am so happy that is where I get to serve!!

On Thursday we found out that my Grandma's cancer has returned, it is hard to think of a world without that amazing lady, but I don't want her to suffer at all. I asked Rob to go to the temple with me and it was the best thing for my soul. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and was so thankful for the blessings of the temple and for eternal families.

I love that Hunter is always so willing to help Hannah with her math, today he was helping her with her homework and practicing multiplication facts with her.

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