Hot Dog Roast

Sunday, May 6, 2012

On a whim Friday night we decided to head to our favorite picnic spot in Diamond Fork Canyon, Red Ledges, and roast hot dogs. The kids found a lizard when we first got there and Rob helped them catch it, they climbed rocks, and we enjoyed some yummy hot dogs (Wranglers, the only kind we eat).

Rob took the kids on a longer hike to the top of some of the rocks, they were coming back down when Samantha slipped and started tumbling down the rocks. Thankfully Rob was in front of her and caught her before she could get close to an edge. I was at the bottom and my heart stopped as I watched her fall completly helpless. Thankfully she was just a little scraped but she learned a valuable lesson that you don't hike in flip flops. I was so thankful she was being watched over, so scary!!


After we were done eating we drove up a little farther and found a big parking lot where Rob could fly his plane. We also found it was a trail head and we are looking forward to taking the 4-wheeler and motorcycle back up to go riding!!

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