Back To School 2018

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

My kids have officially been in school for one week. One week to try and settle into our routines and the new normal that is facing us. It has been a school year of many changes, firsts, and lots of nerves.

Hannah Ruby is in 6th grade, I am planning to live in denial for the entire year that my last child is about to leave elementary school. For 4 of her 6 years in elementary school she has been put in class with a teacher in their first year. We have lucked out that they have all been pretty great, and so far she is really loving her teacher, who is in her first year. We were a bit bummed that she was not placed in Mrs. Hansen's class, I think we all just assumed she would be because we are all friends, but that is what I get for not requesting at the end of last year. 

This is Hannah's first year being in school without her brother, they are one grade apart, and I thought it might be tough. But, she is loving being top dog in the school!!! Also, I am slightly sad thinking this may be the last year she wears a unicorn horn and bright colored clothing, because we all know Jr. High can be rough, and I don't want her to loose it all just yet.

This boy, I love him so much, but I worry about him more than any of my kids. He has the biggest heart, is adorably goofy, and is bigger than all the other kids in his grade. For some reason this has made him a target at times for bullying. Knowing how rough Jr. High can be I have been a little nervous. Samantha ensured her brother was looked out for the best she could. Some of her best friends are left behind in the 9th grade and she made sure they are looking out for and being nice to her brother. Nothing has made my Mom heart happier than knowing she had done this for him.

So far so good, he is really liking most of his teachers. There have been a couple hiccups with his locker and getting where he needs to be. But, I think he will adjust and actually enjoy all the fun new classes he is involved in. He was very nervous to start and manage all he need to with seven different classes. We started sitting down together each night and going over the day and everything he needs to accomplish, we make him a list, and then he is rewarded with video game time if he accomplishes everything. So far it has been working well, and I have loved the time we spend together.

Samantha is starting High School this year, and she is also starting her first real job at Subway. We had hoped she would be able to start at Subway when she turned 16, but the owner asked her to start early because she had proven to be a hard worker over the summer cleaning the gas station. I was very grateful she started there one week before she started high school to help with the nerves. She was not excited to start school, there may have even been nervous tears before she left that first day, but thankfully after a week she is starting to settle in. Today was her first day off of work in a couple weeks and I realized how much I have missed having her around. Today she went with me to run errands and talked non-stop. I sat back listening to all I had missed in the last week and enjoying every minute. Except, the minute when she reminded me that she only has three years left of school before she heads out on her own.

I sure do love these three, we are all adjusting to our new normal, and I may have thought a few too many times "what happens when school starts for me in a couple weeks?". And then I try really hard not to think about that too much.

Three kids at three different schools is no joke though, it has been a little tricky managing car pools and buses. But, I think we are going to get there, we will settle in, and we will get into a routine. At least that is what I keep telling myself.

Samantha has been driving to school every morning, she is counting down the days until her Dad isn't sitting in the passenger seat. And secretly, so am I. I am slightly terrified of her driving, but at the same time looking forward to another driver!!

And finally, I will leave you with Max, sitting in the sun relaxing while we all rushed to get to where we needed to be. Don't worry, we were not jealous at all!!

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