Farming, The Red Barn, BYU Football, & Sunday OH MY!!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Recently I read this post and it really resonated with me, she made so many good points, but I loved the one to Write it Down. She said "You don’t need to write beautifully or even use proper sentence structure– just write." So that is what I am going to do, just write, because I miss when I would just write about what was going on.

On Friday I thought I was going to be laid off, our numbers are down and I assumed they could easily reassign my job. Rob was all for it, he loved the idea of me being home to eat lunch with him and occasionally drive him to work where we would sneak in a quick breakfast date. Going from 3 hours a day to 5 has been a little rough on both of us, but we are adjusting. We talked about all the time I would have to get my little farm up and running. Did you know that is a dream I have that keeps getting bigger and bigger? It has now grown to include cows, pigs and chickens, OH MY!! In the end I was a little sad, but I love my job so I am also grateful to still have it.


On Saturday we headed down to the Red Barn in Santaquin. I keep thinking my kids are getting too old for pumpkin patches, but then they have the best time and I realize we still have a few years of fun ahead of us. Not to mention they had their cousins with them and that always makes for a party. They went down the slides, ran around the corn maze, rode the tractor through the apple orchard, shot the apple cannon, and rode the mini tractors around the track. It was definitely a fun afternoon!!


Rob and I left the kids at the Barn with his sister and headed to Provo for the BYU game. We had a couple friends comment that we were not fans, or that they didn't think Rob cheered for that color of blue. While it is true we love our Aggies, we both do have a place for BYU in our hearts, and we never say no to free tickets.

The weather was beautiful, the game was intense, and I got to spend the evening with Rob at a football game. We made a commitment to bring our kids to at least one BYU game and one USU game next year. I don't think I would be the football fan I am if Craig Val hadn't taken me to BYU games growing up. It was, and still is, one of my happy places.


Two weeks ago our ward was split, we were getting close to 600 members, I felt so overwhelmed trying to get to know everyone and just gave up. It was a huge relief when they split our ward and I would be lying if I didn't say I was a little giddy about our new ward boundaries. I LOVE my neighborhood, and I am grateful to get to know more of my neighbors.

Today we met for the first time as a new ward, we are meeting in an old church in town that the members raised the money for and built on their own. It is a beautiful old building with so much charm and history, I am in love with it.

Rob was called as the assistant 11 year old scout leader and I was called as the Beehive adviser. I couldn't help but smile at the amazing group of women and girls I get to work with, I love the Young Women's program and I am thankful they did not put me somewhere else.


Today was also Fast Sunday, and I had to remind a couple of kids who were not happy with me. Hunter decided to sneak 8 of the fiber one granola bars and eat them in his closet. Let's just say that the time he spent tonight in the bathroom was not pleasant, and I think he learned a very valuable lesson. I told him next time to just come and eat a bowl of cereal, I am not the one who asks him to fast, it is Heavenly Father, and he knew that he was eating the granola bars. Plus it is his choice and no one is forcing him to fast. I explained that if you are not fasting with a purpose and a willing heart you are just going hungry.


It was a busy and fun weekend, but I am not ready for Monday, and we are watching the late showing of The Walking Dead, one of the down sides of not having our DVR anymore. At least it is a short week, I am really looking forward to Fall Break on Thursday!!

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