The Day Our Lives Stopped - Part Two

Friday, May 15, 2015

(You can read Part One here)

I followed behind Rob's bed carrying his shoes as they wheeled him into the elevator and to the 2nd floor ICU. They had me wait in the waiting room while they got him settled into his room and then they would come and get me.

While I was waiting my Dad arrived at the hospital, when I saw him I lost it, it hit me that this was all real. My husband had a stroke and was now in the ICU, I hadn't told my kids anything, I didn't even know how I was going to tell them. I sat there and I sobbed. I honestly didn't know how I was going to do this on my own.

The nurse came to get us and take us to Rob's room. When we walked into the room Rob looked at my Dad and said "Beaver" questioning if that was where my Dad had been. It was the most I had heard him say.

The room filled with more nurses and doctors, it was all a blur trying to remember who was who and what exactly they were going to be doing. I did my best to remember it all and understand what was going to happen.

Rob was also starting to get feeling and movement back on his right side, he could curl his fingers and lift his leg off the bed, but he struggled to talk and know exactly what was going on.

As things calmed down I stepped out into the hall to let Katie know what was going on and to talk to my kids, I didn't know what to tell them, but my Dad was right that they needed to know what was going on and that Rob was going to be OK. 

I talked to Hunter first, I told him Dad was sick and in the hospital. He asked if he was going to be ok and when I told him yes he started telling me all about the game him and Austin were playing. Samantha also seemed to take it well, but my little Hannah cried. It was so hard wanting to stay by Rob's side and make sure he was taken care of, but also wanting to be there to comfort and hold my babies. I was so grateful they were with Rob's sister, I came to fully understand just how important family is.

Rob's Dad came to the hospital to sit with Rob while I left to explain to my kids exactly what had happened and get them settled at Katie's house for the night.

My Dad stopped first for dinner, I didn't have much of an appetite but the nurse had told me I had better take care of myself or I wouldn't be any good to Rob, so I forced it down.

My plan was to take the kids home and explain everything there, but instead we stood in Katie's kitchen while I explained to her, and the kids, exactly what had happened and what they were doing to help him. I told them about his blessing and how we could already see it working. It was a very difficult conversation and we were all in tears as we headed home to gather everything we needed for the night.

As the kids showered and packed their bags I cleaned up the bucket I was using to clean the bathroom and packed what I thought I would need for the hospital. I brought Rob his blanket and pillow, along with some gym shorts and a t-shirt. I packed myself one of Rob's hiking pads, a pillow and threw on my sweats knowing we were in for a long sleepless night.

Before we left the house my Dad gave us all blessings. He promised the kids the comfort they would need along with the individual blessings and strength they would need to endure this.

I have always been grateful for my Dad and how he honors his priesthood, but this was a moment when I realized just how lucky I was to be his daughter. I really could not have done anything without his strength and support.

In my blessing I was promised that I would have the strength to deal with everything and a reminder that I was not shouldering this burden alone. It was amazing how it never did feel like a burden, and I never felt hopeless or worried, my mind was always clear and able to deal with whatever was thrown my way. I was not alone, my Savior was by my side the entire time, and I was so grateful.

We were all crying when we left the house but as we drove the 10 minutes to Katie's house we all started talking about the survival, fishing, and big foot shows we liked to watch with Rob. Soon we were laughing and telling Grandpa all about the river monsters and how certain we were all becoming that big foot was real.

The kids were peaceful and happy as we dropped them off for the night, which made me feel better. I could see that Heavenly Father was watching over them and that they all had the spirit of comfort with them. I gave them all big hugs and lots of kisses and promised to pick them up from school and take them to see Rob the next day.

We then drove to Rob's work so I could pick up my car and then my Dad followed me to the hospital since his hotel was not far from there. He walked me upstairs to the ICU where Rob and I would endure one of the longest nights of our lives.

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