Cupcake Wars

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

A couple weeks ago my kids and I were invited to a little Cupcake Wars play date, we were excited, but of course I also had a bit of social anxiety set in, I am so glad I pushed it aside and accepted the invitation.

The invitation came from a couple of my online friends (or fake friends as Rob lovingly calls them), friends I have met through blogs, Instagram, and Twitter. Rob wondered if I was even slightly worried about them being crazy ax murderers, but I assured him they weren't, and made sure to text him when I got there letting him know they were in fact a group of very lovely Moms with adorable kids.

We chose our team name: The Burnt Marshmallow Unicorns, I knew Stephanie was one of the judges so I laughed when Hannah insisted we have Unicorn in our name, and then the kids decorated our station.

The theme was camping, so of course we took the s'mores theme and ran with it. We made chocolate cupcakes with a marshmallow center and then made our cupcakes look like little campfires.

The competitions was fierce and the kids were excited when we won for overall best cupcake.

It was such a fun afternoon and I am happy to say these lovely ladies are no longer just my fake friends.

(Left to Right: Cathy, Evonne, Emily, Me, and Vanessa)


  1. I love my "fake" friends. :) I think Paul thought I was slightly crazy all those years ago too, and now these are my best friends.

    So glad that you decided to come, and can't wait for another play date soon.

  2. Yours were adorable! You hide your anxiety well.

  3. haha ax murders! it was so fun to meet you :)