Right Now (Part 2)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

* I am feeling frustrated, remember yesterday how I said we were close to buying a lot, I am pretty sure we have taken three huge leaps back to square one. WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO BE SO COMPLICATED?!?!?!?!

* I am on day 2 without McDonalds breakfast and I am not missing it at all, just the Diet Coke.

* My baby is napping, poor thing started throwing up at 11 PM and didn't stop until almost 3 AM. Her little stomach is so sore now. Hannah will get sick if we don't make sure she is eating at every meal, she can be stubborn and will skip multiple meals if she doesn't think she will like it, and then when she tries to eat it will all come back up again. She couldn't understand why she was throwing up when she has been eating really good lately, and why it hurt so much. Poor girl!!

* I am tired!! I spent the majority of the night laying on the floor outside the bathroom with Hannah so I could be right there when she started throwing up. I really hope the rest of us avoid this bug, but if not thankfully it is pretty short lived.

* Happy hour starts in 45 minutes and I really want a Diet Coke but Hannah is napping so I am stuck here. Guess today is a good day to give up Diet Coke.

* All I want is for it to be 8 PM, my kids to be tucked in for the night, and me to be snuggled up on the couch with Rob continuing our Walking Dead marathon. Two episodes in and I am hooked. Who knew I would ever enjoy a show about the zombie apocalypse?

* I am almost ready for Easter Sunday. I just need to find Hunter his new clothes for church and shoes for the girls. I am really happy I won't be stressing last minute trying to finish everything.

* I think I will go and join Hannah for a nap..........


  1. Every time I think I should give up soda, I have a bad day and it is the best cure for any problem.

  2. Don't give up Diet Coke. It will miss you.

  3. I need to talk you about this Walking Dead show. We are finishing up Breaking Bad (which I thought I would hate but is so good) and everyone says we should do this one too.'But I hate horror movies....would I like it?

    1. Walking Dead is gory, but it isn't jumpy like most horror movies. The thing that I like is that there is a really great story with zombies thrown in. So it isn't all gore and nothing else. Does that make sense? I hate most thing zombies but I really enjoyed this show. My Mother in Law watched it with us on Sunday and she was not a fan of the gore, but I think it was one of the more gory episodes, so I say try the first episode and see what you think.