To Do In Utah: Stewart Falls

Monday, August 27, 2012

I fell head over heels in love with Sundance Resort when Rob took me up there last winter so he could teach me to ski. Although I still have a bit to go until I am an actual skier, I knew there would be many more weekends spent up there with our little family in the future.

Sundance is not only a fabulous winter ski resort, they also offer great things to do in the summer.

One of our favorite hikes, Stewart Falls, is located at Sundance.

My kids love this hike because it isn't very hard and they get to ride the lift to the trail head.

You can also get to the falls from a separate trail leading from the resort, but we think part of the fun is riding the lift and enjoying the gorgeous views.

Hannah has struggled with hiking before and Rob has ended up carrying her for part of our hikes, but this time she walked the entire way. She even did really well going down out of the lake bed, which is kind of a steep incline that lasts for about a hundred yards. Coming back up was a little harder, there were a few tears, but she did make it and I was so proud of her.

If I were to do it over again we would have ridden the lift up and hiked into the falls and then followed the other trail back down to the resort. But the kids all voted and wanted to ride the lift back down again so we went back the way we came.


It was a beautiful day, the temperature was perfect, there was light breeze, and the colors were just starting to turn. I think fall may be my favorite time to hike into Stewart Falls, but we did it earlier in the summer last year and it was just as fun.

To end the day we headed up to Heber for dinner and a fresh peach and raspberry shake from the Dairy Keen, so good!!

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