Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How did this happen? How did my baby grow up so fast? How is it already time to send her off to Kindergarten?

Hannah didn't want me to drive her to school, she wanted to ride the bus because she has never ridden the bus before. Thankfully I was able to talk her out of it, OK I told her she was my baby and I was driving her to her first day of school and she could ride the bus on her second day and every day after that.

She was so excited and bounced right into class, two of her friends from preschool are in her class, and she loves her teacher. She came home and told me school was so much fun.

The only hiccup was when the bus depot told me they would drop her off at 12:15 and then called me at 12:00 because I wasn't at the bus stop and she didn't know where she was supposed to get off.

I will know better today and be out there early, and knowing my luck the bus will be late.

As for me I held in the tears until I got out to the car, Rob was with me and I asked if I could come and sit in his office, I told him I would be a great assistant.

He declined my offer, bought me a Diet Coke, and then sent me home to work on my big to do list.

This morning she headed out the door to the bus stop with Samantha and Hunter and I wished again I could freeze time.

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