Thursday, May 3, 2012


Today I woke up at 7:30, but stayed in bed until after 8 admiring the beautiful view out of my bedroom window. I decided it was the perfect day to stay in my sweats, I don't remember the last time that was even an option, but oh man it felt awesome.

I did have one goal for the day, besides being ultra comfy and slightly lazy, tackle the last of the boxes sitting in my living room/soon to be office. By the afternoon it was looking better but I was ready to take everything that was left, put it in a big pile, and have a bonfire.

But I resisted, kept pressing on, and finally it was done.

I need a desk so the organized piles on the floor can  have a home (and maybe a little couch), but oh man it looks so much better. I am no longer embarrassed for anyone to walk through my front door.

I can finally relax, I finally feel moved in, and I finally feel like the craziness of the last month and the burden of being cramped in a tiny twin home for over a year is gone.

I sat in the back yard with my protein shake and the hubs watching my kids play. I have wanted for so long to give them a back yard to play in and it is everything I could have dreamed of for them and more. They spend every free minute they can back there running and playing on the play set.

Life is good, I am so blessed, and I am so grateful I have my family to share it all with!! 

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