First Family Ski Day

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Saturday we took one step closer to becoming a ski family. Rob drew out for 4 ski passes at work and wanted to take the entire family, I wasn't convinced Hannah would want to go and when we asked she said she didn't want to. We figured we would all go up anyway but Hannah and I would take pictures and she could look around and watch the other kids and maybe she would want to try another time.

I need to back up because I never blogged about Hunter's first ski trip the Thursday before we went to Montana. Just like Samantha he was a natural and it wasn't long before he was tired of the tow rope and wanted to go on the lift. A couple weeks ago Rob took just him up to Sundance for his second ski trip and Hunter found a run with a ghost town. He had so much fun and couldn't wait to show it to Samantha this Saturday.

And just like that 3 of the 5 members of the Morris family were skiers.

Back to Friday, we went to rent skis for Rob, Samantha, and Hunter; when we got there Hannah decided she wanted to go skiing too, and if Hannah was going then I was going. Yippee for crossing something off my bucket list, but man I was nervous and a little miffed my excuse to not go yet changed her mind.

7am Saturday morning I hear Hannah waking up Hunter: "Hunter it's time to go skiing", and by 8:30 we were on our way to Sundance.  With about 24 inches of new powder and a beautiful sunny day we couldn't have asked for better ski conditions.

We first headed to the tow rope, Rob took Hannah to teach her to ski and Samantha took charge of teaching me. Thankfully we got there early enough we were the first and only people on the tow rope and the person working was able to help me get going.

I was thrilled to learn skiing is not so hard, I didn't go on any lifts but got some practice in on the bunny hill. 

Hannah loved it, but she didn't like Rob trying to teach her to wedge her skis. Instead she wanted to keep them straight forward and just go down the hill. She did really well but couldn't stop herself, we tried to explain this was the reason for the wedge. We are thinking we will save up and put her in ski school next winter, she will learn better from someone else and if she is with other kids her own age she will be a bit more eager to try it out.

After a few runs on the bunny hill she got frustrated with us trying to make her wedge her skis and decided she was done. I took her down to the deli where we got hot chocolate while Rob took Samantha and Hunter on the lift.

I did manage to convince her to try again after lunch and she made one good run with the tow rope before she was done for the day.

Samantha and Hunter were good sports to hang out at the tow rope with us while we learned the basics. They did get to go on a bunch of runs and Samantha even went back to the top where she got off accidently her first time and this time skied down without any problems.

Hunter took Samantha to the Ghost Town run and they both tried to out do each other on a few jumps.

Hannah did tell us she would try again next winter and I have already started planning what I hope will be a yearly January ski trip in a couple years when we have all had some practice.

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