Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I have been trying to really be present with my sidekicks, to be around where the they are and really pay attention to what they are doing and listen to what they are saying to me.  This was our view Sunday, I was trying to plan the week and instead of hiding in my room I came out to sit at the table while they built Lego houses, Hannah took a nap, and Rob worked on his airplane.

Samantha is turning 9 this Sunday and I wanted to check out a spot I had found to take her birthday pictures so after Hannah woke up from her nap we loaded in the car for a Sunday drive. The park was right next to the Mount Timpanogos Temple so after we explored the park we drove to the Temple to give the sidekicks an up close look.

The sidekicks all took turns jumping off this wall, Hannah cracked me up telling her Dad to keep coming closer until he was finally close enough for her to "jump"

We came home and Rob flew his plane until it got dark, he attached toilet paper trying to make a circle by doing loops but we never did get the toilet paper long enough.

Samantha also had a bit of fun with the toilet paper.

It was a great Sunday and I wouldn't mind if they were all just like this.

Awesome thing of the day: Redeeming my
punch card at Firehouse for a free burger, YUMMY!!

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