Thanksgiving 2011

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This Thanksgiving will forever be known as the one when Jamie suggested a new way to cook the turkey she had heard about on the news one night and the turkey was not cooked when it was time for dinner (thanks a lot little america chef).  Rob thought there must be something to this method though because once the turkey was fully cooked the meat was some of the juiciest he had ever eaten.  I will not be beaten though, Christmas is just a few weeks away and I plan to show the turkey who is the boss.

*Side Note: see those cute chocolate turkeys, Samantha helped Grandma make them, they were a big hit.

This poor kid was "SO HUNGRY" and wanted to know "WHEN IS DINNER GOING TO BE READY".

He was pretty happy once dinner was finally served, we all were actually.

The food was delicious, the company was wonderful, and our bellies were very full.
So despite the turkey taking a lot longer to cook, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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