Monday, November 28, 2011

On Tuesday we took our first vacation of the year, sure we have done a lot of fun things this year on the weekends, but this was the first time Rob took an extended amount of time off work for a family vacation.  We used to take 2 long vacations every year in Kansas and I have been missing them.

We had a busy week and I have just started editing the pictures. Our week was packed with great food, lots of activities, craft projects, shopping, and my wonderful family. What can I say we love to have a good time.  Hopefully I can start posting all about it tomorrow.

As for today I slept in, cleaned my house, the laundry is almost done, and I had a lunch date with Rob.
Which is what should happen every Monday.

And for the TMI portion of this post, my monthly started today, not something I would normally talk or blog about, but for the first time since the ectopic in February it didn't start with the normal stabby pain that would have kept me down all day.  Rob was thinking I was quite strange for being happy about it this morning but I am so thankful to be pain free, and I am hoping this means I am close to being fully recovered.

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