I Love to See the Temple

Sunday, June 26, 2011

We were driving back from my Sister in Law Annie's wedding in Tooele, we were all tired and a bit cranky, and 3 out of 5 people had cried at some point.  As we approached Salt Lake we spotted the Temple and Rob suggested we stop and look around since our kids have never been.  I wanted to just go home and go to bed but he convinced us it would be fun.  So we found a parking spot, put money in the meter, and headed into the temple grounds.  Outside the gates was someone dressed in a kilt playing Hymns on his bagpipes, I could have stayed there and listened, thankfully you could hear him play as you walked around the grounds.  I am still amazed at the peace that we all felt the minute we walked through the gates, it is like the outside world and its stresses did not exist.
We enjoyed our walk around the Temple grounds marveling at the beauty and construction of the temple.  I loved watching my kids explore and take in the beautiful sights of the temple and the grounds, even my very spirited little boy was calm and amazed at what he was seeing.  

I handed Samantha my camera so she could take a picture of Rob and I and then let her hang onto it to snap some pictures around the temple grounds.

I LOVE the old tabernacle, some of my strongest childhood memories are sitting on the grass outside of it and listening to General Conference being broadcast all over the grounds to those who could not get in the building to listen and see the speakers.  They would leave the doors open and I remember my Dad walking us over so we could get a peek in and see the Prophet while he was speaking.  I was so happy the doors were open and we were able to get a peek inside.

Inside there were 2 people practicing for some musical number, the music that filled the Tabernacle was beautiful, and I didn't want to leave.  Rob's ancestors brought the pipes to the Organ over the seas with them. I am not sure of the entire story but I do remember that and need to find out the story so I can tell my kids.

Our final stop was the visitor center to see the statue of Christ, another one of my favorite stops on Temple Square, but it was even better being able to share it with the sidekicks.
I am so grateful to Rob for suggesting this side trip, we went from being tired, cranky and frustrated to tired but happy and peaceful and talking about all the beautiful and amazing things we saw.
The kids are already asking when we can go back, there is so much we haven't seen, so I am hoping soon!!

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