Paris ~ Day 3

Friday, February 19, 2016

Monday morning we woke up early determined to make the most of our last day in Paris. We ate breakfast and boarded a train that stopped right outside of Notre Dame. I had completely forgotten about the gargoyles that are so famous the night before, so I was very happy to be able to have a second chance to check it out again during the day.

The Invalides - From Notre Dame we boarded another quick train that would take us to the Invalides, an army hospital built during Napoleon's reign. It is beautiful and I loved the big court yard, it is fun to think of all the events that probably happened there. Rob was lucky enough on one of his business trips to be invited to a party inside, he said it is beautiful. It is also a war museum, which is not really my cup of tea so we skipped it, and Rob had already been before and didn't mind not going again. But we did go in to see Napoleon's tomb, which is HUGE.

We walked into the chapel first, on the other side of the glass window is the tomb area that was built after Napoleon died.

We laughed at these two pigeons flying around inside.

The old pipe organ was gorgeous!!

The other side of the glass inside the tomb area looking towards the chapel.

Rob had shown me a picture from when he went before, but I didn't realize at the time just how big his tomb was.

The sun was shinning but it was windy and cold, it was warmer the two days before when it was raining. As we were walking to get something to eat we saw this couple taking wedding pictures, I felt so bad for the bride in her strapless gown. But how pretty is that door for a background!!

Versailles - after lunch we boarded a train to Versailles, the LDS temple is being built there and I wanted to see it. We got off the train close to the Palace of Versailles and walked around, we decided to wait for a summer business trip to go inside when the gardens would all be open. Instead we walked the mile to the temple, which I hope when we make it back will be open so we can go.

I fell in love with Versailles and decided if I lived in France that is where I would go. It was the most charming not so little town, and was one of my favorite stops.

We boarded the train again and ended where we started, at the Eiffel Tower. I was hoping for another beautiful sunset but it was not as pretty as the night before. We found a bench and sat there watching the sun go down, we were both freezing, exhausted, and our legs were aching. We covered a lot of ground in 3 days, but it was so amazing, and I am still pinching myself that I was actually able to go. I am looking forward to going back, and yes I will be going back, I already have my list of things I want to do.

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