Sunday Snapshot- January 4th

Sunday, January 4, 2015

This year we switched to 1pm church, I was kind of dreading it, but in the end I actually enjoyed it. Our morning was slower, more relaxed, we all slept in, and we were able to work on the kids Faith in God awards and Hunter's scouts. Did I mention it was magical?!?! I could get used to this later time if all of my Sunday's are just like this one.

I had the bright idea this morning to start taking a picture of my kids every Sunday, it is a big year for us and they change so fast I wanted to document it. Then somehow I convinced Rob to join in at least once a month, it was meant to be, and I now have my new favorite family picture.


On top of the awesome picture and relaxing family time this morning, I happened to find them all playing together.

All three. Getting along. Laughing.

It needed to be documented.

Didn't I say this Sunday was magical??

And now I must sign off to read scriptures. Our magical Sunday has ended with Samantha slapping her brother in the back. I think it is time for bed. Sigh.....

I sure do love this family of mine!!!

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  1. Love love that top photo! So fun! And yes, in theory 1:00 church is too late, but once you find the nice sides to it, it's so great! We haven't had it forever because some singles ward has permanently claimed that time slot in our building, but when we last did, Mike would take the kids on morning walks while I got dinner going in a crock pot, etc. I really liked it!