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Monday, May 5, 2014

By Sunday afternoon I was exhausted. The day started with a meeting 2 hours before church began, when that was finished I rushed home to pick up my family for church, we enjoyed wonderful meetings full of messages I needed to hear, and then we rushed home and made dinner before I collapsed on my bed.

Fast Sunday always seem a little crazy and yesterday seemed even more crazy than normal.

Rob and I were laying there playing on our phones when I pulled up a video a few friends had shared about looking up from your electronic devices. Rob always laughs when we watch these videos because we are watching them on our phones, but it made a good point.

We decided to put down our phones and gathered our kids for a device free Sunday walk.

The weather was perfect and we enjoyed being together. We talked, laughed, and threw lots of rocks into the water.

We came home and Samantha gave us a wonderful Family Home Evening lesson on playing our electronics less and spending more time outside, it was perfect.

We then made chocolate chip cookies and called it a night.

I sure do love this family of mine and I am always grateful for the quality time we get to spend together.

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