April 12th, 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

1. Getting an early start rescuing more animals on Disco Zoo.

2. The job site we woke up to this morning.

3. Working to hook up zone 2 of 3

4. Finding the right fittings that Dad needs.

5. My first job of the morning was cutting funny pipe and putting together sprinklers.

6. Samantha was in charge of gluing the pipes and Hannah in charge of grabbing what Dad needed.

7. Waiting for Dad to grab hopefully the last of what we need at the Sprinkler store.

8. Finally putting on some sprinkler heads.

9. Hunter was put in charge of assembling these sprinklers.

10. My ginger was turning pink so we sent her inside for a break from the sun.

11. Switching out sprinkler nozzles while we wait for the rain to pass.

12. Rewarded ourselves with dinner at Cafe Rio.

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