Dear Moms,

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Please allow me to step onto my soap box and get something off of my chest.




There is an article from last year that is once again making the rounds on Facebook about how Moms need to take holidays down a notch because it is making everyone have to go all out like they are so they don't look bad.

And my question is who is making you? Who says you have to be as "over the top" as Suzy Homemaker down the road? Who is this person making you do this? Because you need to tell them to shut up and go away!!

If your answer is your kids maybe don't say exactly that, but instead use one of my favorite phases, something my kids hear All. The. Time.

"That is great that [insert friends name]'s family does that. But, in our family we do/don't [insert whatever child is whining about/or alternative]"

A couple years ago my kids were really excited about making a leprechaun trap and their Dad thought it sounded like fun so he helped them make it. Thinking they would enjoy it I ran to the bank to get a few gold dollars to leave with our traditional Lucky charms and green shirts.

The morning came and our kids ran to the leprechaun trap to see if they had caught one only to throw the biggest fit because the leprechaun was supposed to leave them more gold. Apparently they were convinced they were going to be rich.

I broke the news to my kids that Leprechauns were not real and we would never be making Leprechaun traps again, if they wanted to do it in their classes that was their teachers choice, but in our house it would not be happening.

I sent them to their rooms, pocketed their gold dollars, and then went to McDonald's to get me some breakfast and a Diet Coke.

True Story.

It was right then and there I swore we would only do the holiday traditions that worked for our family and not try to do something because teachers or friends told them that is what they were supposed to do. I would only do something if I enjoyed it, I was not going to add extra stress or make myself miserable just so I could "keep up" with the other Moms.

Which is where that sweet little phrase I mentioned earlier comes in very handy. It doesn't always stop them from throwing tantrums, they are kids after all, but that is why they have rooms where they can throw their tantrum and I don't have to listen.

So Moms, stop thinking you are any less then another Mom because you didn't go all out for a minor holiday. Because honestly, that Mom who did go all out doesn't think any less of you because you didn't. Just like you shouldn't think any less of her because she did.

So let's support one another and cheer one another on, because we all know this Motherhood gig is hard and we can all use as much support as we can get.

And so I say:

To the Mom who forgot it was St. Patrick's day and didn't dress you kids in green, you my friend are an amazing Mom, your kids are lucky to have you!!

To the Mom who only dressed your kids in green and didn't do anything else, you my friend are an amazing Mom, your kids are lucky to have you!!

To the Mom who dressed your kids in green and made some fun green food, you my friend are an amazing Mom, your kids are lucky to have you!!

And to the Mom who went all out over the top for St. Patrick's Day, you my friend are an amazing Mom, your kids are lucky to have you!!

You all love your kids, you do your best, and you are exactly the Mom your kids need. So hold your head high because you, that's right I'm looking at you, are the best Mom in the world for your kids and don't let anyone tell you any different!!

Your Fellow Mom


  1. I have a good run of not having traditions, and I have learned I like it this way. No pressure to do the same thing every year, and my kids never expect anything. Love this post. :)

  2. You are a great mom and your kids are lucky to have you! So glad people are realizing how crazy holidays and parties have gotten and are scaling back - that is not what life and motherhood and childhood are about! :-) Miss you guys!