City Tree Lighting Ceremony

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hannah had been talking about their Christmas program for weeks. She was so excited to be singing for the entire town at their annual tree lighting ceremony with a special appearance from Santa Clause.

She would remind me a few times day what time we needed to be there, and we needed to be on time.

A couple days before the program the weather took a horrible turn and it was cold, 7 degrees to be exact. We bundled up the best we could and headed down to the park. Hannah was still so excited for the night and couldn't wait to meet Santa.

Despite the freezing temperatures she sung her little heart out, they all did, and put on a good show. When it was over I went to grab her so we could get her some hot chocolate and head over to see Santa. When she saw me she was so upset because she was freezing and her feet hurt. She decided she didn't care about seeing Santa, all she wanted was to be warm. We headed home as fast as we could, wrapped her in a blanket, and set her by the fire to warm up.

Thank goodness the plan for dinner was left over Turkey Noodle Soup.

Singing one of my favorite Christmas songs: I Want A Hippopotamus for Christmas

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