5th Grade Wax Museum

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Samantha has been talking about the 5th grade Wax Museum since 4th grade ended in May, it was definitely the one thing she was looking forward to in 5th grade. We have listened intently to comparisons of her current school and previous school, and even how her current school is doing it differently than they did last year.  We all took turns listening to her practice her 30 second blurb and all the different facts she had learned while writing her report.

My favorite conversation went like this:

Hunter: what is a paligamist?
Rob: someone with more than one wife at the same time.
Samantha: Sacajawea was a paligamist, she was the slave wife.
Rob: should I get me a slave wife?
Hunter: no, then there would be two moms who boss me around all the time, that would be horrible.

For me I was just grateful she picked someone who was easy to recreate, and I have to say she made a very good Sacagawea.

When the day finally came and she made sure to instruct us all a few different times on what exactly we were supposed to do, especially her brother and sister who would be going through with their classes earlier in the day.

She worked so hard and did a great job, even if her Mom did annoy her with her requests for video and lots of pictures.

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