Life is Messy

Friday, August 23, 2013

Right now I am sitting on the floor of my bedroom watching So You Think You Can Dance, my favorite, the rest of my family is downstairs playing Minecraft, not my favorite.

Things have been so crazy around here with trying to build the house. I knew when we signed up for this that it would be my top priority and every thing else would happen when and if I had the time. Plans have been rearranged or canceled more times than they have actually happened, the house we currently live in is normally a disaster, and my kids have played way too much Minecraft this summer.

I am trying to let it go, I am trying to realize that I am doing my best, and I am trying not to feel guilty for this being the lamest summer in Morris Family history.

I know in a few months we will have a house, we will plant roots, and it will all be worth it.

But, this last week has tested every ounce of my resolve, I have had to let go of so many expectations, and just go with the flow and tackle what needed to get done.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we were at the house working until past dark. Wednesday and Thursday we were up before the crack of dawn and at the house trying to get as much done as possible before Rob had to go to work. When we realized it wasn't going to get done on time Rob took Thursday afternoon off and we worked all afternoon to finally get it under control.

It was such a great feeling when we pulled away from the house that night at 6:30 pm.

To complicate things even more, Thursday was the first day of school. We did our best, we made it on time, and we even squeezed in a few pictures on our future front porch.

I am feeling so grateful we actually able to accomplish all that.

When I dropped the kids off at school I was covered in dirt and I am sure I didn't smell very good either. I told Rob I was just setting everyone's expectations really low, to which he laughed and asked if I was even wearing a bra, nope sure wasn't.

Today has been a little more relaxed, I only stopped at the house for a few minutes after I picked up the kids from school to make sure it was not full of water after it poured last night and all the windows were left open. Thankfully we only had one tiny puddle in the dining room, something I could handle.

Tomorrow we will be back out at the house to tackle some more projects. We need to place a vent for the oven exhaust, wire up all the low voltage wires, and do some MAJOR cleaning.

And then MAYBE next week will be a lot calmer and I can work on catching up on some things around our current house. Fingers crossed!!!

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  1. Our kids had the lamest summer ever too! We spent it getting our house ready to sell, cleaning, packing, moving and unpacking. NOT fun! They spent a summer watching the Cosby Show series on DVD. All 200 episodes. Nice. Probably should have encouraged them to pick up a book, but you know we did what we needed to survive! Your house looks great! Chris and I swear we'll NEVER build again. So. Much. Work.