Babble and Oreo's

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Today I emptied off all four of my SD cards and spent time working on our yearly photo album, while I was doing that I found these gems. I sure do love these two!!

Rob has been gone since Sunday on his annual hike with his cousins, he is on his way home now and I am so excited, we all miss him when he is gone. He helps so much around the house and loves spending time with the kids, so there is a huge hole when he is gone. Not to mention all the stress we have right now with building the house, things just seem so much easier when he is here. Thankfully things have gone surprisingly well, and I am so grateful for that.

My little Hannah Ruby has been struggling, I think she is really tired and so she is a little more whiny than normal, not to mention the fact she is worried about starting 1st grade. She doesn't want to sleep in her bedroom and is not happy when I make her. But, once she is asleep she is usually fine and stays in her bed. School starts in three weeks so I think it is time we get back on a good sleep schedule and maybe try to catch up on some of the sleep we have missed out on this summer.

I also think we are going to have a Mommy/Daughter date to see Smurfs 2 and do some school shopping. Hopefully I can have one with all three kids, it would be such a fun way to kick off the school year.

Tomorrow (today) is school registration, I can't believe the summer is almost over, but honestly I am excited for my favorite season of the year to begin.


  1. Those pictures are really quite adorable. They should be in an Oreo commercial. I used to always assume all marriages were relatively happy, and all dads were relatively good . . . but several of my closest friends are in such horrific marriages, that I have this new appreciation that seriously just makes me happy and feel like things are right with the world whenever I hear any wife or husband that seems to genuinely love and appreciate the other!

  2. Such cute pictures. I love Fall too. I am finally ready to see Summer end, and move on to a different routine.