House Update #1

Sunday, June 30, 2013

May and June were crazy, and I am looking forward to catching my breath in July. Now that all of our ball games are over, we are done with Youth Conference, and things with the house are up and running, I think I can finally start catching up on life.

I probably shouldn't throw that out there, but I am hoping for the best, keep your fingers crossed.

The house is under way and moving fast, which is good because I have a party planned for the end of October and I am counting on being in my house by then. I love seeing the progress as it has gone from a big field of weeds, to a giant hole, to forms that will eventually be our basement walls.

I was going to post the first pictures of our progress last Monday but then I got really busy and never got around to it, so here are two weeks worth of progress pictures.

North front side of house, AKA future garage

South front side

Back of the house taken on the north side

A few other shots from the back

This side will eventually be a huge family room for the kids, it is a couple years down the road, but one day.

This room was not in our original plan, I wasn't so sure I wanted it, but now I am really happy we are putting it in. It will eventually be underneath my porch and completely surrounded with concrete making it perfect for cold storage. Some of my flat work will have to wait, but in the end it is worth it to add this room.

This week they are pouring the walls, starting on the plumbing, and pouring the foundation. We then have to wait for a couple of weeks for it to cure before they start framing.

After years of dreaming it's surreal to see that dream start to come to life, some days I still don't believe it is happening!!

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