End of the School Year Activities

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I am slowly trying to catch up and maybe be a little better about blogging. We were so busy the end of the school year and these are just a few snipits of our activities.

Samantha had to do a County report, she chose Beaver county, and then she had to make a float. This would not have gotten done without her Dad. I tried to help her with it many times, but it took Rob cracking the whip one night and they had it done in an hour.

I also spent a few afternoons helping in her class wood burning the covers of their Utah history books.

Samantha also had Hershey Track, one of her favorite events of the year.

She also had her Odyssey of the Mind presentation. They had to design a vehicle and come up with a way to power it. Samantha's team designed a sail boat and powered it with a fan. It worked during the practice round but during the actual competition it would get stuck in the tunnel, we are not sure why. But of all the vehicles theirs was definitely the most creative.

Hunter had an Author's Night, they sang songs about some of their favorite books and then we went back to his classroom so he could read us some of the stories he wrote. When school was done Hunter told me he would miss writing the most which inspired our Summer journals.

It was a busy last few weeks, and I hope I remembered everything. Here's to another school year in the books!!

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