Yuba Lake Take 1

Monday, May 20, 2013

We are in the final stretch for school, the last week, there is an end in site to all this madness and I am ready to fully embrace summer break. We are getting antsy for warmer weather and we get a little tease and then it gets cold again. I know eventually I will complain about the heat, but right now I am looking forward to it.

We knew it wouldn't be very warm when we decided to go to Yuba, but it would be nice enough to enjoy being outside and on the beach so off we went.

Rob took the fishing boat out while the kids and I hung out with my Sister in Law and her kids.

They braved the water, dug mud holes, had a dance party, and enjoyed the first watermelon of the season, hot dogs, and smores.

It was so nice, I am looking forward to many more lazy summer days spent at Yuba Lake.
I plan to fully enjoy this three month summer break, only four more days to go!!

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