Misc. April

Thursday, May 2, 2013

April started out with a bang at our house, the kids were on spring break and somehow managed to get the chicken pox. That's right the chicken pox. We spent a lot of time watching movies, playing iPods, and just hanging out. Thankfully they got along really well, maybe it had something to do with not having much energy.

Strawberries have been on sale so we have stocked up, sliced them, and then froze them for smoothies and protein shakes. I also added to our freezer jam stock.

And then there is the normal everyday school routine, only three more weeks of homework and my living room looking like this. I hope!!

April was crazy pants busy, but then at the same time I didn't feel like we had that much going on. We have some big changes in the works that I can hopefully talk about soon. One thing is for sure, May will prove to be an even busier and interesting month.

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